New web sites, new books, more podcasting, etc.

Howdy — long time, no talk. Sorry, I've been crazy busy.

See, since my last post, we launched a cannabis media brand for the San Francisco Chronicle - GreenState. We have new stories there every day, plus a hit weekly newsletter — the Field Guide. Sign up for that. You can also follow GreenState on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I'm still doing the podcast, The Hash. Available on iTunes.

Also: I released a new book, Marijuana Harvest, by Ed Rosenthal and David Downs.

Along the way, I've been featured by The New York Times and the Columbia Journalism Review.

Plus there's been regular radio, TV and event appearances.

And that's not even getting into my personal life — fatherhood is wild.

Sorry again for the lag in communication. I'll try to be better.

You can always catch daily updates from me over on Twitter. We got loads of great things cooking.

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