Covering 4/20 for, East Bay Express ...

  1. Yesterday I experimented with some live reporting, shooting two videos for that went into a daily dispatch about a major happening on the grassroots holiday.
  2. The day before we published a Vox Populi type piece on the meaning of 4/20.
  3. I'll have a wrap-up on 4/20 for the East Bay Express in print Wednesday.

I also made in-person or phone appearances on KTVU, KGO, KQED, and KCBS radio talking 4/20 Thursday and Friday. That last interview was at 6:30 p.m. from a Thai restaurant I was eating at after reporting ten hours straight. 

It's always surreal to be sitting in a booth, drinking a Singha, on the phone with the radio anchor — knowing your voice is being blasted out across the region ...  
[Art via the High Art contest, which announced its annual winners yesterday.]

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