Steve Aoki Electroshocks SF | San Francisco Examiner

"Aoki promoted events while studying at UC Santa Barbara, and started Dim Mak in 1996. Amid the gutting of the recorded music industry, Dim Mak has grown to 18 people and continues to expand." Read: Steve Aoki Electroshocks SF | By David Downs | San Francisco Examiner

Also this week: "The Sacramento Surge"Medical cannabis supporters lower their freak flags, don suits and ties for lobbying blitz | By David Downs | East Bay Express
And: "New Rasmussen Poll: 56 Percent Favor Legalizing and Regulating Marijuana" | Legalization Nation

Also: Tycho plays the Independent in SF this week. Make sure to check that out.

Lastly: I went abalone diving for the first time. And did not die. Which is nice.

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