BlackOps, Lazer Swords, & Personal Death Stars

The band's DIY ethos provides lots of street cred, and minimal paper returns.

Two San Francisco nerds shake up the international dance scene.

Nerd's Eye View - CD Review

A holiday gift guide of gadgets.

Controller innovations, and sequels plug up the store aisles

Industry News, Legal Analysis, and Business Intelligence
(d2 recruited as one of two senior editors)

Examining the evidence that some of Jesus' minor miracles were the work of medical cannabis.

The popularity of the social game flies in the face of the site's developer policy.

Data driving prices down, legalization efforts up.

Volcano, RAW, Hempwick: Legalization Nation Holiday Gift Guide

Doing my top ten albums of 2010 for the Village Voice this week. Send your address and get a year-end mixtape. Upcoming: stuff for Wired and Columbia Journalism Review, and some snowboarding.

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