48HR Magazine Wins a Knight Award; And the Top 10 of 2010 (so far)

Blastees, It's been sixty days since the last heater. Sorry. Summer has blurred into one huge L.A., New York, S.F., and Tall Trees trip in a sweaty white t-shirt and a $6 pair of wayfarers.
48 Hour Magazine, for whom I profiled Shit My Dad Says author Justin Halpern, just won a Knight Award for innovation. Which means me and artist Conor Buckley sort of won a Knight Award. So go us. 48 Hour Magazine is now called Longshot Magazine, so CBS will stop suing us. Please buy a copy. The magazine is very good and I will spend your money on rent and food.
New York Times affiliate and San Francisco startup publication The Bay Citizen has published a piece of mine on local rapper DaVinci. Make sure to check that out, then come to the 'mo for chicken and waffles and jazz and rock and rap.
Western Red Dead Redemption has stirred the desert in me. Split open my ribs and the heat melts faces.
Thee Oh Sees have a great new album. And speaking of which, here's my Ten Favorite LPs, and Singles of 2010, so far (subject to revision/retraction).
Crocodiles - Sleep Forever
Baths - Cerulean
Seu Jorge & Almaz - Self-titled
LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening
Oh No - Ethiopium
The National - High Violet
The Roots - How I Got Over
Eminem - Recovery
Tristan Perich - 1-Bit Symphony
Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

The Dream "Make Up Bag" Love King
Crocodiles "All My Hate And My Hexes Are For You" Sleep Forever
Seu Jorge and Almaz "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" Self-titled
LCD Soundsystem "All I Want" This Is Happening
The National "Sorrow" High Violet
Oh No "P*ssy" Ethiopium
Flying Lotus "Cosmogramma" Cosmogramma
Bill Elm and Woody Jackson "Triggernometry" Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack
Daedelus "Order of the Golden Dawn" Righteous Fists of Harmony
Tristan Perich - "Movement 4" 1-Bit Symphony
Hit me up if you want any music and I'll send you a mixtape.
There's probably other stuff I'm forgetting, but I just wanted to say 'Hi, and thanks for reading.' Now go out there and do some tubin'.

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