Klosterman V, and a New Mag - 'Plentii'

It's poetic that the richest nation in the world, is also a nation of financial illiterates.

Among the remedies: Plentii, a new web publication from my colleague Tranq Jones and friends. Among the several dozen launch articles and videos this week, three from me on: The Office and Existentialism; How The Student Loan Industry is Raping the Future; and American Health Care as a Retarded Mutant Child.

For Gelf Magazine: Chuck Klosterman and I chop it up about performance enhancement, the boring Olympics, and how college sports mutated Universities.
UK producer Bonobo's new album Black Sands is playing a lot on my desk.
Cool fog blankets San Francisco this morning. It smells like Winter has broken. No doubt, the snow is melting in Tahoe, dammit. But new publications are starting up. New ideas poke their head out. There is clearly more to come.

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