ComicCon Elvish and Klingon for WIRED [CLIPS]

"I have to go to the bathroom. Will you help me to remove my Stormtrooper armor?"

Elvish: Horyan karita nén. Á aukola ambassenya Húrohosséva ránin.
1337: brb bio.unzip pls?
Klingon: puch vIlo'nIS. may'luchwIj vIteq 'e' HIboQ.
Pirate: Arrrh, can ye help me shuck this scurvy husk so's I can unleash a deluge?

Notes: A longer web version will run on soon. Props to the KLI and the Tolkien linguists for being so down.

How to: Boost Your Geek Cred | WIRED | August 2008

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