In 2024, we're going hard...

We're over here cranking in the new year as Senior Editor for

We're adding 1,000 strains to the Strains Database again this year.

We're doing hundreds of branded flower ratings to become the Wine Spectator of cannabis.

And we're assigning, editing, and writing over 100 new posts or refreshes for Leafly News.

And we got our whole travel budget approved. On deck: Barcelona in March, 4/20 in April, and trips to Maine, and Michigan when it warms up.

I'm making my first custom mylar bag the Weed Report's NoteBag™️ with Conor Buckley, organizing an art opening, and planning an SF Weed Week with 7 nights of 7 strain releases at 7 SF stores. 

Ultimately, I think my new goal is to win the first Pulitzer Prize for cannabis criticism.

So we'll be cranking. Here's what you missed in December:

We gave Leafly Strain of the Year to Permanent Marker, and it slayed.

Here's some podcasts about it:
What I'm loving smoking this month:
  • Maine Trees - Blue Lobster
  • Ridgeline Farms - LANTZ
  • Dallas Buyers Club - Mike Larry OG cross; Rainbow Runtz
What I'm reading/re-reading: 
What I'm playing:
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OK, back to work.

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