SPARC Session Accomplished

When you're a cannabis journalist on the beat—the lounge ends up being an office. That's why I hold regular Office Hours. Thanks for everyone who made "Office Hours" so great Wednesday night at SPARC:

  • We helped some patients find the right strains
  • We helped some folks think about entering the edibles game
  • We swapped harvest buds of #LoveTriangle for #SunsetSherbert and #BlackJack!
  • We tried the new OLO sublinguals.
  • The Puffco Peak performed like a champ with #sourdiesel from Loudpack
  • We gave away some of my new '... Harvest' book by Ed Rosenthal and myself.

Fun fact: 'Medical Marijuana Guidebook' is a textbook as some dispensaries: 

“There was a test at my last dispensary. And if I didn't know everything in that book, I would get fired.”—SPARC Senior Budtender.

Sorry. That was not my intention. đŸ˜¬.

We're thinking we'll do office hours again Wed. Nov. 28, back at SPARC.


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