Subject: Part Time Crematory Operator

Date: March 31, 2008 2:18:58 PM PDT
Subject: Part Time Crematory Operator

Thank you for responding to the part time crematory operator listing on Craig's list.
Prior to calling you in for an interview, I'd like to inform you of somethings that may help you decide if this is the job for you.
1. You will come into contact with deceased people on a daily basis.
2. You should be comfortable working in an industrial setting i.e., noisy, hot.
3. You should be able to work with heavy machinery, the cremation machines are loud and powerful.
4. You should be able to talk to people under stressful circumstances: you may have to talk to families of recently deceased people.
5. You should be able to read, spell and write clearly. Keeping a detailed cremation log is part of this job.
6. The salary if $15/hr.
7. The hours will be about 15 to 20 per week.
8. There will be other tasks, such as cleaning, filing, garden maintenance, washing cars that will also be your responsibility.
9. You should be physically cabable of lifting, pushing,pulling and moving 50lbs.
If you feel this is a job you are still interested in, please let me know simply by responding back to this e-mail. Thank you for your consideration. We will start the interview process around Wednesday, April 8th.
Best Regards,

"if $15/hr"? Brutal.

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