Double Double-Shootings End March Madness

The first double:
(03-30) 18:39 PDT San Francisco -- The Chron -- A man who was shot and killed this weekend in San Francisco's Sunset District had been buying pizza for the workers he supervised at a Verizon Wireless store to show his appreciation for a successful sales month, his family said.

Jason De La Cruz, 31, of Daly City and his friend, Derek Butch, 23, of San Francisco were killed in a double shooting early Saturday morning outside a pizza joint on Irving Street near 19th Avenue in an attack his family described as senseless.

The other one:
Saturday, 3/29/08
Shooting/Homicide at Athens/Excelsior
A wounding and homicide had occurred a 1:50 a.m. at Athens Street/Excelsior Avenue (Excelsior District). The victims were sitting in a parked vehicle when the suspect, a Latin male (in his 20's) approached on foot and shot both victims in the head. The suspect then fled on foot. One victim, a 21 yr. old Bosnian male from Daly City, died at the scene. The other victim, a male (possibly Asian), was transported to SFGH ED in critical condition. The other victim had passed away later during the weekend...
Lesson: Keep your head on a swivel after closing time.

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